Privacy Policy

Hyper is not affiliated with Google or YouTube in any way, it only uses and displays data provided by YouTube. Hyper is an application which is intended to be used to download only the videos you own and/or for which you have rights, for example in case you lose a video and you want to re-download it on your device.

If you do not own the copyright of a video, you can not download it. You must obtain permission from the author to download a video, the author being the person that owns the copyright of the video.

Hyper and its creators and publishers are not responsible for any other kinds of use of this application. If a user uses the application in a way that is different from the way described in this document, the responsibility for that kind of use is that of the user.

Hyper does not collect information about identity, position, and data of its users nor do we store any such information. The translations used in Hyper are the product of crowdsourcing. While all effort is made to ensure correctness of translations, no responsibility is taken by the publisher for errors.

If you find an error you can contribute to the translations at Should you have any questions regarding this policy or anything else concerning the application, please contact us at:

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